Chronic Cough Assessment

What is a Chronic Cough Assessment?

Chronic Cough Assessment

Coughing is a normal and necessary part of our body’s cleaning routine for the lungs.  Coughing clears unwanted mucous or phlegm from the breathing tubes, and removes potentially dangerous particles such as dust.  Coughing is a very common symptom of a viral respiratory infection or cold and only becomes a problem when it persists for more than three or four weeks causing pain, trouble sleeping or fatigue.  This referred to as a chronic cough.

As part of our respiratory system we have cough receptors extending from our nose to our diaphragms.  A Chronic Cough Assessment will investigate problems involving our airways, alveolar compartment, chest wall and diaphragms which can cause coughing.

Chronic coughing is a common problem with many possible causes.

Dr Steinfort takes great care in looking at all the possible causes of an annoying cough and explains this to his patients.  During a comprehensive clinical cough assessment Dr Steinfort will look carefully at what might be causing the problem.  He often trials some treatments if he suspects asthma, infections, gastro-oesophageal reflux as possible causes.

Dr Steinfort’s practice has high levels of success in improving a chronic cough problem.