Respiratory and Allergy Testing

Respiratory and Allergy Testing

The Respiratory Function Laboratory is located on level 2 of Kardinia House in University Hospital Geelong and is accessible via Bellerine Street.

A range of Allergy, Oxygen and Respiratory Function testing is available with a GP or Specialist referral.

Allergy Testing

Skin Prick Test:

Skin Prick testing is used to identify any hayfever related allergies such as grasses, dust, animal hair and moulds by applying extracts of these substances on a scratch on your arm.

Oxygen Testing

6 Minute Walk Test (SMWT):

The 6 minute walk test(SMWT) is an exercise test designed to measure how far you can walk at normal pace within 6 minutes while breathing normal room air.

The purpose is to compare and contrast how far you are able to walk in each test as well as the difference in your blood oxygen levels.

Respiratory Function Testing

Bronchoprovocation – Mannitol Challenge

Bronchoprovocation (Mannitol) testing involves performing a baseline spirometry measurement of the amount of air a patient can blow out, followed by increasing cumulative doses of Mannitol capsules at regular intervals.

The test is designed to look for airway narrowing with inhaled Mannitol and takes about an hour to perform.

Diffusion Capacity:

Diffusion Capacity testing measures how well gases pass through your lungs.

This test involves taking a deep breath of a special gas mixture and holding it in for 10 seconds, then breathing it out.


Spirometry testing measures your forced vital capacity and forced expiratory volume of air in the first second of your breath.

This test involves taking a full breath and forcing it out hard and fast until your lungs are empty.

Ventolin may be given during the test for pre and post spirometry testing, however If you normally take Ventolin or asthma reliever you should avoid using this beforehand on the day of your test.