Occupational Lung Disease

What is Occupational Lung Disease?

Occupational Lung Disease

Occupational Lung Disease relates to a broad group of diagnoses caused by or aggravated by inhalation of chemicals, dust or proteins we are directly or indirectly exposed to in the workplace or at home.

The severity of the disease is dependent on the type of material inhaled as well as the intensity and duration of the exposure.

Although these diseases have been documented as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, the incidence of the disease increased dramatically with the development of modern industry.

There are many toxic substances encountered at home or at work.  Gardening exposes us to moulds and bacteria, keeping animals and birds can cause severe lung disease, workplace exposure to asbestos, silica, isocyanates ( 2 pack paints, floor sealers, araldites, polyurethanes can all cause severe lung disease. Even individuals who have not had direct exposure through their work or other activities can develop occupational disease through the indirect exposure of living with someone who is regularly exposed.

Dr Steinfort is skilled in analysing work place exposures and identifying possible toxins and has considerable knowledge about Australian workplaces.